ISACA Student Group (ISG) Telkom Community is formed with the purpose to become a forum for all students who has determination to develop their potentials in order to preparing for the professional world of work. ISG Telkom Community invites all the students of Telkom University develop along all the potential students become a person who has a good soft skills and hard skills about IT audit deeper through seminars and interactive training.

ISG Telkom community realized that to obtain a clear and correct knowledge, it takes people who already have a good knowledge and real experience. Therefore, the ISG Telkom Community will be assisted by the Local Chapter of ISACA Indonesia. The IT audit practitioners who are incorporated in ISACA Indonesia will conduct trainings and seminars for ISG Telkom Community Member. ISG Telkom community believes that Telkom University students will gain experience and knowledge that cannot be obtained from the regular courses.

Being someone who successfully takes a lot of things; knowledge, experience, soft skills such as leadership skills, public speaking, communication skills, as well as links. ISG Telkom Community understand that becoming a leader requires soft skills. ISG Telkom Community will encourage community members to have these abilities by creating a forum for discussion and mutually supportive environment.