General Lecture – Cybersecurity’s Role In Enterprise Risk Management

Cybersecurity’s Role in Enterprise Risk Management: Provide a perspective of cybersecurity from an ISACA point of view and how it relates to the management of all risk for the organization.


Jeff M. Spivey, CRISC, CPP, is a Director, International Board of Directors, ISACA. He is also the founder and CEO of Security Risk Management, Inc., where his innovation initiative programs of unified combination of security risk management including cybersecurity and traditional security. Spivey has more than 30 years’ experience building enterprise strategy and security risk management and governance capabilities enabling the business. Jeff is a strategy advisor for RiskIQ, Inc., Advisory Board member for Netswitch/Securli global integrated cybersecurity platform, founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance, co-founder of the Global Security Risk Management Alliance (GSRMA), member of the U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). Jeff also serves as Vice Chair of ISACA’s Finance Committee and past chair of ISACA’s Relations Board, past co-chair of ISACA’s External Advocacy Committee, past Trustee of the IT Governance Institute, member of ISACA’s Strategic Advisory Council and member of ISACA’s Knowledge Management Task Force. Jeff is a past president/ chairman of the board for ASIS International and served on the Advisory Board for the U.S. Justice Department’s National Center for Judicial Security.

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